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5 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Start Innovating

There’s an old saying, never let a crisis go to waste. It’s not a call to take advantage of the vulnerable. Nor an opportunity to get rich quick – though many do. Instead, it’s the chance to rethink the stale, old assumptions that previously kept us rigid. An invitation to take a risk and do what you could never have done before.

To innovate.

Innovation is the bedrock of the modern economy. Those who try risk failure; they risk being mocked and laughed at. But failure is only the first step in innovation. And as the poet, painter, and philosopher William Blake once famously said, “What is now proved was once only imagined.”
They’ll laugh… for now.

But why start innovating now? With a global pandemic finally coming to an end, is this really the time to take big risks? And if so, why?

The Old Rules are Finished

Once upon a time… to start a business, to build a new product, to rethink our lives, you needed hordes of employees, office space, money. Today that’s all changed.

With working from home being the new normal, you can connect with resources and talent worldwide. Need a prototype built? Contact a factory in Vietnam or China. Want immediate expert advice? It’s only a click away.

Change Means New Opportunities

As things change, new challenges arise. Solving the challenges of tomorrow requires the innovators of today. Little wonder, then, that Apple and Google are hiring aggressively – just as they did during the financial crisis.
They want to seize the opportunity. For instance…

People are increasingly working from home but still want a chance to interact with others. Perhaps it’s time to rethink the coffee shop and internet café? Maybe you offer a subscription service for professionals to use your cafe – the benefits: unlimited coffee, ultra-fast Wi-Fi, and the comfiest chairs in town. All it takes is a little imagination. 

Money is Cheap

Innovation costs money. Even today, you need to spend to improve. But luckily, interest rates remain at rock bottom. That means any small business or new innovators can take advantage of extremely cheap loans. And that’s unlikely to change any time soon.

Plus, with spending reduced during the months of lockdowns, many people have saved their money. That’s a healthy investment in your future.
Services At Your Fingertips

No one innovates alone. To go from the Wright Brothers plane to a Boeing 747 involved hundreds of people. Stephen Jobs may have envisioned the iPhone, but he didn’t create it.
If you need cheap services to help grow your need idea, there are advertising, marketing, engineering, and educational resources available at low prices.

The Best Time Was Yesterday, The Second-Best Time is Today.

There’s always an excuse not to innovate. Always a reason to wait. But the best time is always right now. If you’ve got an idea, a solution to a problem, don’t wait for someone else. Seize the moment. If there’s one thing that defines great innovators: they took risks. They failed, learned, then succeeded.

Unless you take a leap, you’ll never know if you’ve just unlocked the future.